food should be free. water should be free. housing should be free. power, fuel, electricity should be free. basic necessities should be free.

the idea of “people should have to work for a living” carries the implication that some people deserve to die


me: hey i’m kinda good at this writing thing
*reads other people’s writing*
me: i am a literary potato

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"There’s this issue you’re not allowed to discuss: that women are needy. Men can go for longer, more happily, without women. That’s the truth. We don’t, as little boys, play at being married - we try to avoid it for as long as possible. Meanwhile women are out there hunting for husbands."

                                                                              -Steven Moffat [x]

I just want to frame that and hang it on the wall of every Moffat apologist, so they can wake up and look at that every morning. 


i want to say something but i can’t think of a good way to say it so,

long story short: if you are legally an adult, even if you are an older teenager (18/19) or a person in your early twenties who does not feel like an adult nor know how to behave like one and think of yourself as a teenager, you have to remember that you are still an adult.

as an adult, you have a responsibility to children and to teenagers to treat them accordingly and to not be a disgusting piece of shit to them. you do not pursue these people sexually or romantically. you do not invade their spaces and attempt to make yourself the primary target of media aimed at them (it is still fine to enjoy these things but remember that they are not for you primarily and never will be) and bully them and belittle them and push them out of their spaces. you do not make yourself seem “friendly” and “non-threatening” by mimicking their behaviour and acting like oh, you’re just a kid, you’re not a “real” adult.

because you are. and your duty as an adult is to look after these people, not abuse them. in ANY way.


shockingly, kids are sick and tired of paying hundreds of dollars for overpriced stacks of paper!!!!!! who wouldve thought!!!!!!

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i know i love you, and you love the sea  // listen //

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Sorry for the extremely lengthy post on your dashes but this is so important

Shaun King is a national fucking hero man.  I can’t even with this shit….

*vibrates in excitement*


60% of straight women say they would never date a bisexual. 50% of straight men say they would never date a bisexual. 40% of gay men and lesbians say they would never date a bisexual. Bisexuals are obviously just greedy. They’re just bisexual so they can sleep with fewer people and lose opportunities for relationships based solely on their sexual orientation. 



i literally never get tired of this post


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Stop telling nonbinary bisexuals that bisexuality is not inclusive to nonbinary folk 2k14

Stop telling nonbinary bisexuals that we’re ~*~actually pansexual~*~ 2k14

Stop defining bisexuality for bisexuals 2k14

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